Stone Marten and Pine Marten France


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Pine Marten & Stone Marten excrement 

Although it may seem a little strange or even a bit unpleasant to some people animal excrement can tell us a huge amount about some of the creatures that are out and about when we are tucked away inside buildings. What they are, where they go and what they have been eating.

This page provides some examples of Pine Marten and Stone Marten droppings in an effort to show the incredible range of forms they can be found in that result from the changing seasons and the variety of food available to them in any locality. To say they are eclectic in their diet could not be considered an over statement.


Above: Almost entirely Blackberries.


Above: Full of large seeds


Above: Plenty of fur in this from small mammals


Above: Grapes


Above: Very soft, maybe apple.


Above:  Cherries were on the menu for this Marten