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  Wildlife in France with Planetepassion    

Butterflies France


Wildlife in France Forum, ask a question or share information and observations HERE

Found a bird that is injured or distressed? CLICK HERE

Bee swarm in your garden in France?

Swarm of bees France

CLICK HERE for a List of English speaking beekeepers in France that are willing to collect bee swarms - Including a link to French speaking people that will collect swarms.

Honey bees in France.


Asian Hornet in France - A recent invasive species that is a serious threat to honey bees in France.

Asian Hornet France

Large cream grubs in your garden?

Go to this excellent guide, click on the photo


Making your land hunt free in France. Click here.


About Pine processionary moth, France

Pine moth

About the Hornet in France


About the Carpenter bee in France

Black carpenter bee

About Capricorne Beetles

Capricorne des Maisons (Hylotrupes bajulus) and Grand Capricorne (Cerambyx cerdo) in France


Coypu or Ragondin in France.

Wild Boar in France.

Red squirrel in France

List - Amphibians in France.

List - Mammals of Europe

List - Mammals of France

List - Reptiles of France

List - Species it is permitted to hunt in France

List - Bird list western paleartic

About Dangers to birds and other creatures

About Growing potatoes “above” the ground





























Snakes in France


Amphibians in France


Lizards in France


European Pond Turtle in France


Loir or Edible dormouse and Lérot or Garden dormouse.


Genet in France


Otter in France


European Beaver in France


European mink in France


Orchids in France


Birdlife in France


Pine marten and Stone marten in France


Bats in France

Photo-Bats in France

Wild flowers and plants in France


Southern water vole in France

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